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Class 8: Advanced Second Stage

Class Note:

For this week's class you will need to have some supplies handy. 


Water bottle, Ottoman or medicine ball, One chair or stairs nearby, Space to walk, Space to lie down for side-lying position

Labor changes now. Often there are longer rest periods. Relaxing with contractions is for first stage; active participation is what is needed now. Second stage truly begins, not at 10 cm but when the mother gets a bearing-down feeling or an unmistakable urge to push. Working with your body is productive and rewarding. Working against your body increases pain and discomfort. Just like learning to swim, you can learn how to give birth. Don’t push until you feel a strong need -  the “clock” starts when you start pushing.

PDF Password: Bradley2020

Click on the image to access the class Zoom recording

Passcode:  C*6$wfcF

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Class Handouts

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