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This birth class prepares the expectant mama and partner by encouraging them to feel empowered, make informed decisions, trust in one’s body, and surrender to the natural unfolding of labor and birth. Classes are taught with a caring, and evidence-based approach.
Incorporated with simple and thorough techniques that enable the birthing mama to channel one’s strength, confidence, and relaxed disposition when preparing for labor and birth. 

This course gives you the foundational building blocks that every
woman needs to create her empowering birth experience.

You will discover that your MIND, BODY, and TEAM are your most important Building
Blocks and how to utilize them for a happier, healthier, and easier birth experience.
The Bradley Method Class: $250 digital 
10 weeks; 2 hour class each week

Our classes cover a few topics that are rarely discussed in other classes including how to prevent tearing, what to do if a cesarean is necessary, and most importantly, how to practice informed consent. A skill that you will use the rest of your life. We meet once a week for 9 weeks, having a total of 9 classes. This time commitment is essential to achieve the birth you're hoping for!


This class is a complete childbirth education session that includes:

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Stages and phases of birth

  • Keys to breathing and relaxation

  • Understanding pushing

  • Breastfeeding

  • Evidence based tips for advocacy and preparing for the unpredictable

In addition, I teach your birth support person (partner, mother, mother-in law, or friend) how to be your doula! That's right, everything your partner needs to know to become a doula for your birth.

  • Massage techniques

  • Counter pressure

  • How to coach the birth as the mama desires

  • How to navigate Prodromal labor, active labor, transition, pushing, postpartum, and the first 40 days as a family

Note: I am happy to work with you regarding payment.  I believe all families should have access to childbirth education.​

  • What is a Doula?
    A birth doula is a person trained and experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after childbirth. The word “doula” comes from ancient Greek, meaning “Woman’s servant”. Throughout history and in much of the world today, a cadre of women support a woman through labor and birth, giving back rubs and providing continuous emotional support. Birth doulas build relationships with families throughout pregnancy and become a familiar face and trusted companion during the incredibly vulnerable and intimate time of labor. Nurses and doctors have an important role in the labor process, but they also have many women to monitor and care for. A birth doula’s focus is to support primarily the birthing woman and her partner. Every birth is different, but every birthing woman needs support, and a birth doula is there to give it! What is a doula? The perfect addition to your birth team!
  • Anything else I should know about you?
    During our initial interview or one of our prenatal appointments I usually ask if there are any spiritual or religious aspects you would like to have present during your labor and birth. If faith and prayer are important to your family then you should know that I am a Catholic Christian. I love bringing prayer into the birth space, if desired. I love praying with partners/families if desired. Prayer can be used during relaxation practice in pregnancy and can be very powerful during labor to ease any discomforts. This is not a requirement and I do not impose this on anyone who does not wish for it.
  • What does a Doula Do and Not Do?
    AS A DOULA, I WILL... -Accept the mother’s birth plan and assist her and her partner in carrying it out. -Be a constant encouraging and informational presence throughout the birth. -Offer physical comfort measures, emotional support, and unbiased information. -Encourage the partner to be the primary support throughout the birth while also assisting them when requested/necessary. AS A DOULA, I WILL NOT... -Contradict the mother’s choices and desires for her birth. -Perform any clinical tasks, medical exams, or give diagnoses. -Make any decisions for the mother. I facilitate clear communication between the mother and her care providers so she is able to make informed decisions.
  • What is the Evidence on having a Doula? "Of all the ways birth outcomes could be improved, continuous labor support seems like one of the most important and basic needs for birthing people. Providing labor support to birthing people is both risk-free and highly effective. Evidence shows that continuous support can decrease the risk of Cesarean, the use of medications for pain relief, and the risk of a low five minute Apgar score. Labor support also increases satisfaction and the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth. Continuous support may also shorten labor and decrease the use of Pitocin. Although continuous support can also be offered by birth partners, midwives, nurses, or even some physicians, research has shown that with some outcomes, doulas have a stronger effect than other types of support persons. As such, doulas should be viewed by both parents and providers as a valuable, evidence-based member of the birth care team."
  • What is the Difference Between a Doula and a Midwife?
    Birth doulas and midwives play important, but very different roles on your birth team. If you choose a midwife over an OB, she/he will be your care provider: trained and certified to give you prenatal and postnatal care, and to deliver your baby. Many hospitals today use midwives, with almost 95% of midwife attended births occurring at hospitals, as opposed to birth centers or at home. While a midwife assists primarily in medical support, the doula acts as a labor coach and companion. Doulas offer continual one-on-one emotional, physical, and informational support from the onset of labor till baby is born. A doula will not perform any medical tasks; that’s the job of the midwife! Comfort measures, coping techniques, facilitating breathing, creating a calm birthing space, and more are all tasks the doula will be ready and excited to perform!

Love for the Class

“Thank you so much for having put together this class + having it available online. It helped us navigate through our quick + powerful 4 hour labor.”

“I was so glad we went through the Bradley class together. I think it really helped me and my husband get mentally prepared, and it also helped me work through some of the residual difficulties I held onto from my previous two births.  I CANNOT believe I actually did it.”
“I'm so grateful for your classes.  I can hardly believe I was able to do it. My husband was amazing too.”
"I absolutely loved learning about how to advocate for ourselves and how birth can be truly different than society knows it. I felt empowered and more calm about approaching birth than I did when I started. I also felt so much more passion to learn even more!"
Class Schedule
When Should I Take Class? 

If you are due in:            Your class should start in:

January                           August-October

February                         September-November

March                             October-December

April                                November-January

May                                 December-February

June                                January-March

July                                  February-April

August                            March-May

September                     April-June

October                          May-July

November                      June-August

December                      July-September 

Upcoming Classes 

Entire class is available digitally at a reduced price. Use class sign up page to register.

20% off for referral

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